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Friday, December 26, 2008

Yay Christmas is fun XD
Especially if you celebrate it with close friends XD
Today went to Hougang Mall with Rousi-mei to meet Eileen nee-san XD
Then we bought a 1.2 kg chocolate log cake XD
Had fun eating it on the rooftop and chatting, after that went to the arcade to play GuitarFreaks V
Haha, I guess Rousi is still nt used to seeing me play the guitar lefty-style XD
anyway played till my hand ache XD(I need more practice on fast strumming XD)
But I think I improved frm last time XD

After that me and sis went to buy Pokemon Cards XD
She gt a Minun lol i want.......anyway I jus gt a idea that i want a pair of Pichu ears XD
Might attempt to make one myself XD
Anyway I gt Deoxys Defense form again....but it's shiny XD
And i gt a Rayquaza!!!!! XD

After that we went to nee-chan's hse to slack XD
Then use com and her bro came back hm XD
Her bro is funny and friendly too XD
Reminds me of Lue Song and Rousi & my own bros XD
Then her bro's gf came to their hse, my 1st impression was.....Ishida sensei XD
We jus slacked around, chat, laughed alot and take pics XD
Then at night Lue song ni-san came over too XD
He agrees with me that nee-san's bro's gf looks like Ishida sensei at 1st XD

After that we played Dungeons & Dragons and I helped to spread the L4D virus to her bro XD
We had KFC for dinner and watched A Bug's Life XD
All in all, I had a really fun Christmas and really enjoyed everyone's company XD
So many things to say but I dunno how to express them XD
I'll find some methods in the future ba, and that's if I remember them at the correct situations XD, that's all for now XD Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas too XD

(Too lazy to upload pics at the moment, shall do so another time XD)

Meowed at 12/26/2008 01:54:00 AM

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An angel watches over me from above
At least that's what I think...
I do not know if things are right or wrong
But as long as I keep going I know things will work out fine ^_^
Choices, decisions, paths, I'll leave it all up to her to decide
Thus she's also my Lady Luck in a sense XD


Name: Wilson Ng
Nick: KaiShadow
Birthday: 02 Oct 1991
SJCC, AAA, Cosplay Division XD
Element: Wind
Fan of: Shaman King
Final Fantasy
And many other random stuff XD

Wishes for now ^_^

-Able to complete my Course without much difficulties XD

-Able to become a Kindergarder/Pri Sch Teacher XD

-Able to spend more time with my friends ^_^

-Able to get enough money for future cosplays lol

-Things will work out well for me ^_^

-Able to laugh as much as I want and stay happy XD(Somehow I think this ain't that hard lol)


Choo Yan
Hui Peng
Ling Yu
Li Xian
Lue Song
Rousi mei lol
Samantha Chua
Samantha Wong
Thelindra nee-san XD


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2. Squall Leonhart(Dissidia Ver)
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