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Monday, June 16, 2008

Haha, today went back to nyp to help make props XD
quite a few ppl went back ba, turns out we need to do paper mache XD
we were supposed to make 2 urns lol
it was quite fun ba, but sticky n messy XD
had quite a gd time even though we were supposed to be working XD
after that i went to amk hub to exchange my koizora dvd due to scratches.....
and turns out the salesperson dun let me change......
says that the disc cannot exchange cos i wiped it before wth.........
haiz.....tmrw gonna buy something to remove the scratches, hopefully it works XD
anyway here are some pics i took today XD

The 2 "urns" we were supposed to make XD

the amount of paper we shreded XD
that's jus part of it XD

Akiwatari(Hakimah) with a halo XD

to me it looks like Wobberfet with a crown XD

Aki, Mizurei(Azmah) & i'm nt sure who that is XD sry

still looks like Wobberfet XD

them 3 XD, they worked on 1 while we worked on the other

haha so-called grp pic XD

the rest of us XD

wa...the mess we made XD

oh ya my hairband broke.........

haiz need to buy new 1 XD

haha see the diff? quantity vs quality
the right 1 is the 1 we worked on XD

paper thief!!!!! XD no lar, we jus needed more paper
so Kizu(Ka Ching(dunno spell right anot)) went to take some XD


kizu, eric, oliver & hotart(ki tat)

them + i'm nt sure his name also....sry

haha pull ups XD

haha our bags XD

kizu n hotart, dunno if oliver is doing it on purpose XD

aki with more toilet paper XD

mizurei with the toilet paper XD

more paper XD aski & Thelindra(eliene)

haha our burshes

workin hard on wobberfet, oops i meant the urn XD

anyone wants milk? haha actually it's white glue + water eww........

kizu with toilet paper again XD

aki and thelindra

haha more paper XD kizu is the paper-girl XD jking jking

haha wobberfet the painter XD

kizu with brushes XD

looks dangerous XD

i really forgot his name......

all tired ler.....

haha slacking abit XD

kizu is hardworking XD

so are they XD

haha some of us are jus slacking around XD

yay it's over, time to eat XD

haha last shot before i left for amk hub

along the way me & kizu saw a squirrel XD
i tried to take some pics of it

you can see it's tail and body

blury but it's there

it runs real fast XD

haha the tail is funny XD

haha finally gt a gd shot of it XD

then went on to amk hub and gt pissed of by the salesperson....oh well XD
haha that's all i guess XD nite

Meowed at 6/16/2008 10:12:00 PM

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An angel watches over me from above
At least that's what I think...
I do not know if things are right or wrong
But as long as I keep going I know things will work out fine ^_^
Choices, decisions, paths, I'll leave it all up to her to decide
Thus she's also my Lady Luck in a sense XD


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Wishes for now ^_^

-Able to complete my Course without much difficulties XD

-Able to become a Kindergarder/Pri Sch Teacher XD

-Able to spend more time with my friends ^_^

-Able to get enough money for future cosplays lol

-Things will work out well for me ^_^

-Able to laugh as much as I want and stay happy XD(Somehow I think this ain't that hard lol)


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