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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Haha, today mornin sam came to wake me up XD
lazy to wake up, wanted to sleep more XD
anyway, later went with her to city hall to meet her mum XD
her mum wanted to bring her to see chinese physician cos she
seems to have sprained her ankle XD
we took taxi frm city hall to find the clinic,
turns out it moved to new changi road lol
then took taxi there again XD
found the clinic but turns out they dun do tui na lol
then asked around n found out there's a chinese doc nearby,
so went there n waited for awhile before sam gt the appoinment.
then she needed to do acupuncture n her feet need to be wrapped with medicine.
here are some pics i took inside XD

The needles sticking out of her feet XD
the doc ran some electricity current though it too lol
n btw when u were writhing around in pain sam,
i did nt laugh so sadisitically as u said lor,
i jus laugh cos ur reaction was funny XD

sam playin my psp to try not to think of the pain XD

anyway after that we went to city hall(again) to meet constellar XD
sam couldn't walk properly lol but it was still funny at times XD
anyway we went to the pc show n jus walked around lol
tooked alot of leaflets XD
i want new earpiece XD
anyway sam went to look at laptops but din know much about them XD
so me n con tried to explain abit XD
anyway after that went to the arcade to play abit lol,
con went to play the claw machine thingy n actually won something XD
on the 1st try somemore XD
here's what he won:

A mickey mouse figurine that can blink XD

eyes open XD

and it seems like it likes to eat XD

see? further proof XD

but it seems to be quite friendly also XD

after that went to carefour to search for my tanktop,
but to no avail lol
but found out they were selling books at $5 whooo!!!!!
i found the whole series of "His Dark Materials" in one book whoo!!!! XD
yay i wanted that book but was lazy to buy XD
too bad i din find the "Series of unfortunate events" series XD
i also bought another book by Erica James,
don't really know what it's about but seems nt bad XD
n it's quite thick XD
yay sunday is Kaylen's bday
n tmrw is SJCC's games day XD

Meowed at 6/12/2008 11:31:00 PM

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An angel watches over me from above
At least that's what I think...
I do not know if things are right or wrong
But as long as I keep going I know things will work out fine ^_^
Choices, decisions, paths, I'll leave it all up to her to decide
Thus she's also my Lady Luck in a sense XD


Name: Wilson Ng
Nick: KaiShadow
Birthday: 02 Oct 1991
SJCC, AAA, Cosplay Division XD
Element: Wind
Fan of: Shaman King
Final Fantasy
And many other random stuff XD

Wishes for now ^_^

-Able to complete my Course without much difficulties XD

-Able to become a Kindergarder/Pri Sch Teacher XD

-Able to spend more time with my friends ^_^

-Able to get enough money for future cosplays lol

-Things will work out well for me ^_^

-Able to laugh as much as I want and stay happy XD(Somehow I think this ain't that hard lol)


Choo Yan
Hui Peng
Ling Yu
Li Xian
Lue Song
Rousi mei lol
Samantha Chua
Samantha Wong
Thelindra nee-san XD


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